Development and implementation high-tech solutions.

Our laboratory is engaged in the development and implementation of high-tech solutions, both integrated turnkey and finalization and support of existing developments
1100100 1110110 1110000 1101100 1100001 1100010 Field of activity
Mobile Application Development
Cloud Services Development
Desktop software
Game Project Development
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Young startups Implement their ideas by introducing the latest IT services
Digital agencies Subcontracting non-core projects
Small and medium businesses Increase sales, increase audience loyalty, increase the number of regular customers
Large corporations Implementation of production automation systems, technically sophisticated marketing tools
1100100 1110110 1110000 1101100 1100001 1100010 Stack technology
1100100 1110110 1110000 1101100 1100001 1100010 Successful Cases
All Desktop Mobile Design
Neva Security Holding Angular2+, Node.js, Kotlin, MongoDB
Special vehicle recognition neural network OpenCV, С++, С#
Training simulator for drivers of a transport company C#, С++
Diarium Electronic diary - schedule, grades, assignments
Bemove Travel Ecommerce Platform
Uwork Search for a specialist in the desired city and area
Arifmetika The application contains all the main banking operations
Telecom IPC Home Internet Service Provider
Yummy A mobile application containing a catalog of product reviews
Scanner App Mobile document scanner
PUBG Helper Mobile application - assistant for the game PUBG
Buttler Hero Service for the delivery of alcoholic beverages
1100100 1110110 1110000 1101100 1100001 1100010 Stage of work
Primary contact Clarification of the concept and business objectives of the project
Drawing up technical specifications Identification of all technical requirements and stack definition
Separation into stages and their assessment
Publication / Commissioning Beta Correction of all defects during Beta
Testing User and automated testing
MvP Development Implementing a minimum set of functions for running all processes
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How much are you willing to spend on this project?
10 000$
15 000$
Tell us about your project or idea
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Krasnodar Tallin
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